Data analysis
Data recorded by inspection equipment is processed within TUBOSCAN.

The format and content of the Final Inspection Report meets the requirements of “Specifications and Requirements for Intelligent Tool Inspection of Pipelines”, issued by Pipeline Operators Forum.
Pull Through Test Area
The purpose of PTT is to ensure that specified and declared tool accuracy and detection values are met during the actual in-line pipeline inspection. Pull through Test is carried out by pulling the intelligent inspection vehicle through the test pipe. Dimensions of the defects are accurately measured and the received data is analyzed.
Provision of temporary launching and receiving traps
Pig traps are used to insert and remove pigging tools from the pipeline. Tuboscan supplies temporary and permanent pig traps to clients.
Carbon wrap was developed as permanent repair method for dealing with all kind of pipeline features (e.g. internal and external corrosion, dents and cracks).
Our wraps can be installed without shut down of the pipeline – reduction of pipeline pressure is sufficient. Long life repair method lasts near 100 years!